Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reducing Our Output

One area of concern for us is our trash & recycling. We have downsized our trash output
greatly but we seen an dramatic increase in our recycling.
Which means we haven't bought less but just recycled more of what we bought.
So now the issue comes down to buying less packaging.

Here are the things our family has already gave up:
Bottled Water (large or small bottles)
Produce bags (we use reusable ones we bring with us)
Ziplock Bags (Mason jars are my new friend)
Shopping Bags (Reusable ones)
Paper Towels
Paper Plates
Toilet Paper (insert EWWWW in here, go ahead.)
Trash Bags (I will have a post on this later on)

This has helped a great deal but food packaging is still an issue. Such is meat packaging.
How does one get around this? And how does one freeze meat safely without plastic?
Maybe this is a stupid question but I truly do not know.
I get how to get around veggie packaging - buy right from the farm.
Doing that right now.
Also buying bulk helps reduce packaging, which we do.
I am open to any suggestions.
I will be posting about any solution we have found. :)

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