Monday, March 12, 2012

How I clean my bathroom mirror...

Riveting. I know. As if you didn't know how to clean your potty.
But as I was scouring Pinterest (spawn of the devil that place is...) for all natural homemade cleaners I realized there was a common compliant about homemade window cleaners.
It doesn't get the really gnarly schtuff off bathroom mirrors is what I heard, consistently.
I have used homemade window cleaner for awhile and never had that problem.
Then it dawned on me....maybe how I clean is different.
Maybe someone hasn't tried the way I do it.
This isn't a recipe but a method.
It's not hard.
In fact it's so simple, I am wondering if everyone doesn't already do this.
And maybe they have some super sonic grime I'm not aware of.
Before I even think of cleaning the mirror, I wipe down the sink and counter in the bathroom.
Again, not rocket science. But there is a method to my madness.
wait for it...
I take my wet cleaning cloth and scrub the mirror.
I don't use anything but vinegar in my home, which is why I can do this and not make a huge smudgy mess.
But it works.
Then I leave it, and go clean the potty.
Once I am done the last thing I do is take my homemade window cleaner and clean up the streaks on the mirror.
Viola, no mo' icky grime.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy. :)


artteacherkat said...

I use a little water on a cloth (usually terry cloth) to wipe down my mirrors... then I hit the counter, sink, etc. And for the really messy spots I use a throw back from generations ago- elbow grease- but usually I don't need that. So, no you're not alone...

Chele said...

So glad I am not alone! I was beginning to wonder. ;)