Thursday, March 8, 2012


I was warned. It will mess you up.
Did I listen? Do I EVER listen? Heck nah.
I didn't listen about "Food , Inc." either. Go figure.
I saw the title for the book "7 - An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess" and
clicked to read the review over @ Money Saving Mom.
It sounded good. Someone said something about hermeneutics in the comments.
It was a big word. Never heard it before.
That should surprise no one.
Anyways, I spent a few days ignoring the book and looking up the word hermeneutics.
Still. don't. understand.
Again, no one should be surprised.
Things like that need to be taught to me by a Pre-K teacher using small words, crayons and visual aids
for me to wrap this little mind around. And I am guessing, I lived this long
without knowing the word much less it's meaning....I will be okay.
Here's to hoping at least.
Anyways, another comment I saw about this book either there or somewhere
else was a warning...'It will mess you up."
Awesome! I am down with that. I am an extreme gal.
All or nothing. There is no gray in me and I am not skeered of change.
Or so I thought.
Listen y'all, this lady is nuts. In a good way.
But none the less, 1/2 way in I posted on her facebook wall.....because I am
a stalker like that...asking if it was possible to love & hate her all at the same time.
By asking if it was possible to hate her I mean I said is it possible to hate SOMEONE.
Because I am from the south, we talk to people to their face in third person.
It's how we love on you.
Anywho, the book has messed me up.
I mean JACKED up.
We give our 10%. Volunteer in our church. And when I am moved and have cash,
I will give money to a homeless person. I donate stuff to Goodwill. I felt good about myself.
Until I read that dang book.
The more I read, the more I felt sick to my stomach and renewed all at the same time.
I made the mistake of half way through putting on my righteous pantloons and
wonder out loud (oh yes I did) to a group of ladies if it was wise for us to be
having Wii's & stuff while so many suffered.
Yea, as we say...that went over like a turd in the punchbowl.
I needed to shut my mouth and eventually I did.
But not until I had made an giant ass out of myself.
That is not how this battle is going to be won.
This is not how Jesus would want us to do this, shaking a finger at people. 
Listen people, I have a Wii and a PS3. I am the worst if that is the case.
The issue isn't do we have stuff.
The issue is are we gathering stuff instead of people?
Are we trading suffering orphans and widows for iPads?
I think as a whole our world is.
Dare I say Americans do it worse than most. 
I want to do better.
I have no dang clue but get this crap....that crazy lady Jen Hatmaker did not tell me step
by step how to change my life and make others lives better. Can you believe that?
Crazy lady.
I guess I am just going to have to keep reading (yes, there are more books - God love it)
And I am praying. And listening.
Sincerely, thanks Jen for taking the time to plant a precious seed.
I am forever changed, for the better.
Not like the time I got that perm.
Wait...that was just recently.
Bad idea.
Me + Perm = Bad Idea.
Jen Hatmaker + Words. = Good Idea.
Glad to clear that up. 
Go buy the book. All the books. And if you REALLY want to
jump on the ledge, get her hubby's book too.

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