Saturday, March 31, 2012

Former Coupon Queen Comes Clean Part. 1

I use to be a Coupon Queen.
You know the kind, with my binder, paying $2 for $200 worth of groceries.
So much so I had my own "store" in my garage. Lovingly called, The Stockpile Room.
My friends and family knew if there was anything in the world they needed or wanted
that more than likely, it was in the The Stockpile Room.
For a year and half we paid maybe $500 for over $20,000 with of food, heath care,
cleaning supplies and toiletries. For the love of Glade coupons, I taught Coupon Classes.
So what changed?
After 18 months of this frugal addiction....errr... I mean hobby, God showed
us that gathering food was now going to be a tad bit difficult.
No more mindless filling the shopping cart with all of my great bargains.
It was near Halloween. Our family does not celebrate this holiday. But some
neighborhood friends brought over some candy for the kids. Candy Corn.
Who does not love candy corn? My oldest daughter for a day or so happily
munched on the candy corn when I said they could indulge. Then one night
as she was in the kitchen doing dishes she popped a piece in her mouth.
Her body said, enough.
She had an allergic reaction that made her throat close and for her breathing
to come to a small struggling wheeze. Thankfully after a trip to the ER, she
survived. Many children who have severe food allergies do not. I was so
thankful. I was also full of questions. The ER doctor just said in passing,
"No more candy corn for her." No one said why or what was in it.
It took many trips to her regular doctor and then a allergy specialist to
finally get to the bottom of why one day she was fine and the next she
almost died from this seemingly innocent treat.
The explanation?
Her body had had enough of artificial food dye.
But why I ask. I had to know. No one else in our family had issue with them.
Because they said, over time consuming "chemicals" and tricking our body
to think it's food is going to effect some of us. And given that her father has
a horrible allergy to honey bee's and I to was just a wait and see
game of what thing her body would reject.
And to make life interesting, her test for wheat showed a probable allergy there as
well. More test would need to be done to be exact but we should probably refrain.
I came home that day and sat in The Stockpile Room. I did something I had not
done yet. I turned over the packages of all this free fabulous food.
Red 40
Yellow 5
Why was there wheat products in my canned beans?
Modified Food Starch
My lunch meat was NOT gluten free. Huh??  
There is wheat in lunch meat?
Names of things I could not even pronounce much less know what it was.
By the end of the night I sat with a house of $1000's of dollars worth of
food that my daughter could not eat.
To be continued....


Bama Girl said...

Chele, I am so sorry to hear about the allergies ya'll suffer with! I'm thankful that your daughter survived, and that your questions have led to a healthier life for all of you! Can't wait to read the rest of the story! Blessings from Bama!

Chele said...

You won't have to wait long! Thanks for stopping by :)