Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's why we prepare.

We ended up with little wind, lots of rain and a whole lot to do about nothing from Issac. 
But that is okay. 
We were prepared and that is the important thing. 
We know so many who do not take these storms seriously. They laugh off when we prep. It makes my heart sad because I know if I am right (and on this particular subject, I always HOPE I am wrong!) then their family will suffer for their lack of preparations. 
I understand that prepping is considered somewhat fringe thinking mostly.
But we are not talking about Zombie Apocalypse. 
Mother Nature is unyielding and can change her direction at the drop of the hat.
And I live in South Florida. How does one NOT prepare for what happens year after year?
It boggles me. And then to further make it confusing...those same folks make FUN of those of us who prepare our families and home. 
We don't live in Idaho. We live in a very hurricane PRONE area. 
I guess some of the mentality is that why prep when that's the government's job to care for us when these things happen unexpectedly.
I won't get political here but I will just point back to the disaster that followed Hurricane Katrina. There was no help. Anywhere. For quite some time.
Asking someone to care for you when you are able to care for yourself is a failing plan.
Please, I encourage you...where ever you prep for the environment you live in.
You may not live in an area that has hurricanes. But maybe wildfires or snow storms are a problem for your area. Maybe you live in an utopia where Mother Nature does not inflict her punishment on you from time to time. 
Then I would encourage you to look at man made events. Being prepared does not mean you always are digging an bomb shelter in your back yard or storing tuna for 20 years. 
Ever broke down while driving? Are you prepared?
Ever lock yourself accidentally out of the house? Are you prepared?
Ever get stuck in traffic snarled highway in an unexpected incident? Are you prepared?
I could go on and on.
Prepare yourself for life's unplanned but sometimes expected moments.
Always hope your wrong and be glad when your right that you took the time to prepare.
Now, excuse me as I go rotate my tuna cans. ;)

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