Monday, August 13, 2012

Growing old. Ungracefully.

I'm still here. I promise.
I have been sick. After a long night/early morning to the ER
it seems I need some surgery. Sigh.
Nothing serious. Just my gall bladder is defective. 
Expired. Old. Out of warranty. How ever you want to look at it.
Now I am in a death lock battle to with the insurance company over it. 
So in the mean time until I either lay a golden egg or they come to their 
senses, I am going to be on bed rest and tired.
But I have several posts cooking, so I hope during my bed rest I can deliver them up.
Lots of good information too...
Another series about purging & living simple.
A post about how hard it is to live on less when you make more.
Also encouragement to be paper free in your home is in the works.
And I am working on a special giveaway for you, my awesome readers. 
For no other reason than I love you all. The feedback is amazing I get from you all.
I love it. I love when I write and you all get me. It makes a girl feel special. :)
Until about some pictures?

Christian @ 2 yrs old - Now 20 yrs old.

Josiah @ 2 yrs old - Now 5 yrs old.

Madison @ 5 yrs old - Now 14 yrs old.
Faith @ 4 yrs old - Now 11 yrs. old.

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