Saturday, June 2, 2012

Project One A Day : You've come a long way, baby...

There was a time not too long ago, just five short years ago, that I lived in a 2,200 sq. ft home.
A home I filled to it's gills. A garage you could not park in. So much stuff that at one point I did not
have one storage unit but two. It seems like decades ago now but it wasn't.
I had 12 Christmas trees. Twelve. I had two living room sets. Two. The house was never clean.
It was too cluttered to be clean. I could clean it and two hours later it looked a train ran through it 
because nothing had a home. Nothing had a space which it was always put back at. 
Because there wasn't a space for everything. There was more things than spaces.
Fast forward to today...
1200 sq. feet. 
Van parked in the garage.
No storage units.
But still letting go of that lifestyle. Still feeling a bit cluttered. There is however progress being made.
For this month I had a few projects outlined that I blogged about at the end of April. 
I did keep a close tally of what left the house. But I have to be honest, we replaced some things, so
some new stuff came back in. As well as bought things to replace appliances we were no longer using.
However, all in all, I think we did a great job! Let's see how I did on our list
May Declutter Projects
Over the fridge cabinet - I have no clue what is in there
Pots & Pans
- Might do tomorrow??
All clothing (whole family)
Kids Bathroom - DONE!

And how about a tally of how much left this house?
May Total : 412

Wow! That number still shocks me. It shouldn't but it does.
And to answer the burning question, yes the Thanksgiving decorations were purged. Heavily. 
Barely one box left of those things. But I kept what was special to me and let go of the "things"
that was there just because I paid money for them.  There is still a great deal of items to be gone
through - a box of silver knick knacks just off the top of my head. So I am fairly confident that June's totals will be just as high. I do however want to make more project goals, as I found the 
accountability to be extremely helpful.

June Declutter Projects
Silverware Box
Small Appliances
Gaming Systems and Games 
 Linen Closet


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Awesome job girl!