Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just Send...

 There are a few dozen draft post that are either title only, half written, written and 
needing editing or just sitting there because even after all the finishing touches, it just isn't right.
I stare at them every few days and try to figure out what is the deal. 
Then I stop staring at them and just click "new post".
Just like I did now. 
And I will write and never stop until it is done, maybe to edit some spelling errors.
We all know I don't do a good job in that area. 
Then I don't send it to "draft", I just hit "publish".
No reservations. No fear. Just send.
Which makes me wonder why the others are still sitting there. Why didn't I just send those?
After lots of free time and deep thoughts I figured it out.
Those are the posts I am trying too hard on.
Trying to add content that I think you will all like. Not realizing, if I don't 
write what I like then chances are you won't be interested in reading it.
Those posts are the days when I my insecure self says, "It's been 5 days since you posted. Your going to lose readership if you don't post more often." , "You need to be more like, insert cool blog here, and show more tutorials, photos, recipes or whatever is the cool thing to show." or the one I dislike the most, 
"How are you going to grow your blog if you don't have great content?"
How about this.....I don't care. 
I am glad I don't give into those ridiculous thoughts.
This point of this, for me, is not to see my blog get lots of readership, have perfect content, 
or to make sure I am trending. The point of this is to share. 
Share what I know, what I feel, what I see and what I think to be good.
If you all want to come along for the ride, well that is just even better.


Carla @ Our Journey to Self Reliance said...

I have several of those myself. For me I think there is a part of me that is not done with the post, meaning I feel like I haven't learned, and thus can't pass on, what I felt like I needed to learn or haven't reached the 'finish line' for that topic. That doesn't mean I have to be perfect or know it all, but I don't want to post it half done (even if it is only half done in my own sight) Of course there is also that part of me that feels like what you see is what you get - I blog to share my journey and learning, and if someone else can learn from it too, that is a blessing.
That being said, I appreciate your candor in sharing your journey - the ups AND the downs. Digital technology can really shield us from reality, or keep others outside of our reality. Your reality has touched me deeply to be more compassionate for the private trials you don't see others facing and also about being more mindful of small changes that can make big differences, even when you can't see it (or it appears smaller than it really is). Thank you.

Chele said...

Thank you for your words, it meant a lot to me.
I think we all have our reasons why some posts sit for awhile or why some just get pushed through. I know for me I battle insecurity sometimes. I think it has a lot to do with where I live. I live in a very conservative area but not very many enviroment minded people in the circles I travel. Which is what makes me a paradox. I am conservative but enviromental. It makes it diffcult for me to fit in. I sometimes take that idealogy with me when I think of blogging. Forgetting of course the circles I travel in here are endless and open. The world is my oyster! :)