Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Project One a Day : April 2012

 A little background on this project. My hope is by removing clutter and items 
in my home which hold no value to me, that my family is able to live 
a more simple life. We are able to focus on the Lord more, be more grateful for 
His blessings and to get off the roller coaster of excess that Americans indulge in. I post monthly, sometimes weekly and sometimes daily. How do you like that for well thought out? ;)

I spent much of April either packing for a trip or on said trip. 
So there was not a lot of purging that normally has been going on.
But still there was more than enough.
At least one very full trip to Goodwill for donations took place.
And there is plenty more where that came from.
I am beginning to realize that even though we do not
buy things like we have in the past, there is still things coming in.
For instance, while on vacation my children were given large
amounts of hand me down clothing. Which was needed and 
we were extremely grateful!
But that means now we need to weed out clothes that do not fit.
And there is a lot. Well, I think it is a lot. My teenage daughter would
kindly disagree with you. She does not share in our less is more idea.
Go figure.

I would say just by guessing this month we let go of approximately
200 items in our home. That is good progress and one would think
there is much more to do. Oh, but you would be wrong.
Have I mentioned there are nearly 6 large Rubbermaid totes full of
Thanksgiving decorations in my garage?
Yes, there is so much more to let go of.

This coming month of May instead of focusing on how much is going
out when clearly there is enough to meet the 30 or 31 items monthly
goal, I am going to focus on areas. Ideally I should do the whole house
in the month of May but let's be honest here....I home school and my
hubby is gone offshore long periods of time, leaving me to be a single
parent half the year. I don't want to overwhelm myself to the point I shut down.
Which I do when there is too much to do.
I shut down completely.
So, instead I thought I would post a list of a few areas I wish to declutter
in the upcoming month. Hopefully this will help me be accountable.

May Declutter Projects
Over the fridge cabinet - I have no clue what is in there
Pots & Pans
All clothing (whole family)
Kids Bathroom

I will be checking in mid month to tell you how it is going.
I will try to keep better track of how much is leaving.
We are moving in less than 10 months and I really don't want
to drag most of this stuff with us. Clean slate and keep what matters!

March & April Total Items :



Bama Girl said...

Wow Chele! That's a lot of stuff! I can't imagine six boxes of Thanksgiving decorations! You are so smart to start now for the move! Keep up the good work! I know what you mean about getting overwhelmed! I thought I was the only one who 'shut down' when things get to much! You're approach is right on! Blessings from Bama!

Chele said...

Thanks and it is a lot of stuff. We use to rent for many years a really large home. And I decorated every square inch of it. We have downsized and now it has lost its meaning to me. I should say I value people now more than things! :)