Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Electric Savings Update

We have made progress!
Too bad much of it was because we weren't home. ;)
However, I will take it where I can get it!
We reduced last months bill by $25 and the following month will be much
less because we were away for a week on that billing cycle.

Some of the things we are employing is :
Covering the windows to keep out the heat
Turning the AC up to 80 (hard to do in South Florida)
Turning the AC off completely for most the day
Unplugging any unnecessary items
Line drying all of our laundry
Hand washing our dishes
Washing all of our laundry in cold
Changing out our light bulbs for LED ones
Cutting baths out for showers

Anyone else working hard to reduce their electric usage?


Aleesha Hercus said...

My dad once figured out it was more cost effective to leave the heater on low all that time, rather than putting it on high some of the time. I would assume this works the same for AC....

Chele said...

That is a common misconception. There is a whole scientific concept as to why for air conditioning is not cheaper to run at a higher temperature. And I will link to that in a second but what kept popping up in my mind was there was no way even if my AC had to work a little harder for 3 hours that it would combat the 12 or more hours I had it off. But anyways, Mr. Electricity has a widely respected website about reducing electric cost and he explains the concept and the science behind it much better than I can. :)
That particular part is 1/3 way down the page under the heading "The Air Conditioner Itself". Hope that helps!