Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Green Cleaning Series : All Purpose Cleaner Recipe

One of my first goals when I was 'going green' was to remove toxic cleaners
 from our home. After some research I found it was a lot easiest than I thought.
There are basic ingredients that you can use and it need not be expensive.
I thought I would do a series on the subject to help those who are also desiring
to clean without worry of toxins in their homes and around their families.

What do I need?
It is a simple list actually. And easily found in most discount big chain stores for cheap.
Distilled Vinegar
Baking Soda
Rubbing Alcohol
Lemons or Lemon Juice

Tea Tree Oil
Other Essential Oils (optional)

Where do I start?
The first place is up to you. But my advice is to look at the ingredients of your
store bought cleaners. See which one is the most offensive to you and replace that
one. For me it was the kitchen all purpose cleaner. You can be super frugal and just
re-use the old container that your previous cleaner was in to mix your new one
in. For me though, I did not like the idea of re-using a container that held those
toxins. I invested a $1 and bought a new plastic spray bottle and recycled my old
container. Sometimes it is like weighing the lesser of two evils when we are
on this journey. 

Is there a basic recipe?
There are a ton of basic recipes out there. Too many to mention. Simply Google
the term, homemade cleaner, and the results are staggering. You have to research
to see what recipe appeals to you. For our family I knew I wanted a vinegar based
all purpose cleaner. Vinegar has shown itself to be a powerful cleaner in our home
and something I could rely on for cleaning power. Here is my basic recipe :
1 part vinegar
1 part water
5-10 drops of Tea Tree Oil
Mix together in a spray bottle, label and clean with the knowledge it is safe
for your family & home.

Next time we will discuss how to boost the cleaning power of your vinegar!


Becca said...

I have made the switch as well. I just recently made some cleaner by stuffing several peelings of oranges in a pint jar and covering them with distilled vinegar and then letting them sit for several weeks. It smells great! I could also add some tea tree, but I don't dilute this mixture so I figured I don't need the tea tree. All of my cleaners, soaps, lotions and laundry care has been replaced by natural alternatives. I am now working on the medicine cabinet yard and garden. We go through a lot of vinegar in our house. I need a place to buy it in bulk! :-)

Chele said...

I make the same thing with vinegar, just a different twist. :)
And it's funny you talk about buying a lot of vinegar, we buy a lot too. So I spent much of my vacation researching how vinegar is made! Hee hee! :)

Stephanie said...

Love it. I have heard alot of benefits of tea tree oil... I need to look into where around here I can get that. :-)

Chele said...

When my health store is out, I get mine at Target! In the vitamin section. :)