Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who do we owe?

Some of you see that debt number over there and for the most part it does not seem to change.
Someone flat out emailed me (because they knew us personally) and asked,
'what debt do you owe that large?'
It's a biggie.
The IRS.
Long story short, we were misguided a while back. That is not placing blame elsewhere.
We should have investigated what was told to us.
We should have been bothered to make sure what we were doing was sound.
We didn't.
And now we owe the IRS $28k. And we aren't the only ones, the whole group of us got hung with a large bill at the end of the day. Some were more prepared, some were not.
We have a monthly payment plan that gets us no where. As it just puts a stab at the interest. Some of it.
If we pay the plan like they have outlined, we will never be out of the $28k debt. Ever.
They are lovely folks to owe, I will tell you that.
They work with you at every turn and we have yet met anyone in there not truly nice.
Course they have a job to do but they do it without being rude or inconsiderate.
Bank of America, take note.
Our goal is to pay more than the payment plan so we can truly get out of this debt.
First, we have some other small bills to pay off. Mostly medical. And some owed to family.
Then we want to have our EF in place. Then tackle this IRS debt.
It's a long road.
A learning process a long the way.
But one that bears good fruit.

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