Thursday, February 23, 2012

Budget Fudget

Making a budget is a new concept to me.
Even at my ripe age of early 40's.
When you have not a lot of money it is kind of depressing to see that on paper.
So,we never had a budget per say.
Just kind of a loose direction.
But I do now.
It took me years of resistance and 1 minute of Youtube to finally make a
budget in Excel.
Excuse me while I over extend my arm to pat myself on the back.
We will ignore the years of resistance for the moment.
What an eye opener.
So much is wasted.
Must. Do. Better
So much is spent on useless items.
And the up side?
We do have money.
Hot dang!
Down side?
Its usually almost all consumed in waste and late fee's.
Apparently, we are the main reason our area's Sweet Tomatoes resturant will never go under.
Sweet Mother of Pearl is more like it.

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