Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just when I think I've got somewhere...

I have been purging and decluttering my home for over a year now, hardcore.
Lately I have slowed down and was very happy with how much I have either sold or gave away.
Until tonight.
The problem is I have only been looking at what has gone out.
I didn't look at what is STILL coming in and what is STILL here.
Our very restrained budget has slowed the influx of incoming. But I am shocked at how much still remains.
I mean, I have taken literally, not kidding here, complete multiple van loads to Goodwill over this year.
First, I want to know how I continue to cleverly hide it.
Second, what the hell was I thinking when I bought it?
Third, where in Harry Potter's name did I find money to buy it??
I probably won't know the real answers to any of those.
But I assure you, it stops. It has to. Our budget can't afford it. I hate the look of schtuff everywhere.
And I desire to be someone who takes a week to pack their house, not months, should we have to move.
(More on that as we go.)
So, after church tomorrow even though it's a day of rest....I continue the purge.
I will fight the good fight.
I will conquer this.
I have to!

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