Sunday, September 9, 2012

*CLOSED* Ditching the Disposable Giveaway

Since I first wrote about becoming paper free, I have encountered many people 
on my blog, on our Facebook page and anywhere on the Internet where 
I might discuss this that express they too would like to be paper free in their homes. 
They see the benefit not only to our natural resources but it is a time and money saver. But the common thing after they express is to me is, "But I don't know where to start."
Friends, it is overwhelming. So much paper, so much waste. Such a disposable society.
When I started to try to answer these question it became apparent that 
I too had struggled with this in the beginning. 
What cloth should I use for each task? Did I need a lot of cloths? Do I go cold turkey?
It took many months if not a year of trial and error to get where I am. 
My goal is to help ease your struggle in your process should you also 
want to be a paper free home. 
After pondering these questions I decided to make and give away a 
Starter Kitchen Unpaper Pack, here is what the pack consists of :
2 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
4 All Purpose Cleaning Cloths
2 Un~paper Towels
4 Dinner Napkins
How do you enter?
Leave a comment on this post.
Easy peasy.
No pushes to join us on other social media.
No requirement for you to promote this giveaway elsewhere.
No standing on your head while reciting a 15 sentence poem on why you love my blog.
Just comment. :) 
Also, if your outside the US...go right ahead and enter.
Everyone is entitled to leave the disposable culture behind.
Even people in Hong Kong. :)
Only restriction is one entry per family. Let's keep it fair.
You have until September 16th, 2012 9 am EST to get your comment in & be entered.
One random winning will be drawn and announced by 5pm that day. 
So, what are you waiting for? This is easy and simple.
I want to make it simple because it should be.
And because I truly want to remove the confusion around taking this step.
So, go ahead, enter.
I thank you.
And the trees  & earth thank you. :)


Erin Dearth said...

I've been in the process of going paper-free for what seems like forever. I keep making small steps forward, but can't seem to kick the paper towel habit. I'd love your starter kit to help me along!

Kimberly said...

Thank you for doing this! You've inspired me to take another stab at convincing the hubby to try going paper free!

Becca said...

What a great giveaway! I can always use for cleaning cloths and napkins! We are about 90% paper free here. (We still use toilet paper and my girls still use disposable feminine products.) It has been great going from a 90 gallon trash container heaping each week to only having it around a 1/4th full! The fourth is usually stuff that would go in a compost pile if we had one. (We tried a compost pile, but we can't have an exposed one and a covered trash barrel did not work too well!) I enjoy your blog so much!

Stephanie said...

I would love to win this giveaway. we haver been trying to live a greener life. Baby steps, right? We have been going more natural in food and stuff. I dont buy paper towels, I find we really can't afford them plus if they are here they get used like crazy fast.
Anyway, love the blog and the fb page... Oh and love u!! :-) keep the encouragement and excellent tips coming. You are my inspiration.

blessedabundantly said...

This is a great give away. :) I can always use more cloth. :)

Crizzle said...

The only cloth we still use is TP and feminine products. I am hoping to be able to afford the cloth feminine napkins soon. Definitely could use more dinner napkins :)

proudmommy3 said...

Trying to go greener... This would help us start

Anonymous said...

Hubby just approved us going paperless (well except the tp)! So excited, I have a feeling it will be like when I switched to cloth baby wipes. I won't ever want to go back :)